Saturday, 2 June 2012

Kingmaker at Warwick Castle


The Wars of the Roses which began in the 1450's have a lot to do with Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle under Richard Neville, supported the Yorkists and when the Yorkists won in 1461, Henry VI conferred the title of Earl of Warwick on Richard Neville in recognition of his services to the King.

As fortunes changed and allegiances proved difficult to maintain the Earl of Warwick sided against Henry VI and took the King prisoner at Warwick Castle. The Kingmaker at Warwick Castle beautifully demonstrates the preparations for battle, the life of everyday men and women. This is as realistic as it gets. Waxworks by Madame Tussaud provide realistic settings and as the story unfolds you can almost imagine yourself there amongst the people, people unaware of the destiny of the Earl of Warwick and the King of England.

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