Saturday, 2 June 2012

National Motorcycle Museum

Since its savage fire on September 16th 2003, The National Motorcycle Museum has worked to restore the museum to its former glory. In total around 500 motorcycles were either damaged severely or beyond repair. Around a third of the collection, some 250 motorcycles were saved.

The total cost of restoration and its exhibits is likely to exceed £20 million. The complex re-opened again on 1st December 2004 with a larger gift shop, conference facilities for over 5000 delegates and better access for the disabled. The cost of rebuilding the complex also includes the expensive and skilled work of restoring many of the damaged bikes. There is also a sprinkler system in place.

The fire was started by a discarded cigarette left near a pile of old air conditioning filters at the side of the building. The fire spread very rapidly and rescue attempts were hampered by a shortage of water at the site and heavy traffic on the A45. Delegates at a business venue helped to rescue many of the motorbikes. No one was injured in the fire.

More information and updates can be found at their website:

Team Obsolete to run the Motorcycles of the UK's National Motorcycle

N.B. Birmingham UK Com have a collection of over 250 quality images taken only a few months before the fire at the Motorcycle Museum. Many of the motorbikes photographed were destroyed in the fire.
Who are those famous motorcycle manufacturers of years gone by? It is said that there was once a British motorcyle manufacturer for every letter of the alphabet. Take a look at this website:
The British Biker Co operative ( BBC ) is a unique group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of the British Motorcycle. Take a look at their website at:
British Only - Motorcycles and Parts Inc.
We have the world's largest inventory of new old stock, reproduction and used parts and specialise in Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles.
The London Motorcycle Museum have collected and preserved and now display some of the finest examples of British Motorcycles.

Click here for photos from the motorcycle museum


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