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Wall to Wall Michael Pennington

Wall to Wall Michael Pennington ( Deceased )
Now available in paperback - ISBN 1904754627

Michael Pennington met a violent death - murdered and thrown into a coal shaft that was later bricked up, his body was to remain undiscovered for over thirty years. Jack however had witnessed the gruesome event, powerless to do anything about it - he was, after all, in the spirit world himself...
In the afterlife Michael struggled to come to terms with his extraordinary existence. He was, like many other spirits, a lost soul trapped as a result of his past traumatic experience. He desperately sought retribution. Painstakingly he learned to communicate - using modern technology, the internet. Would his death be avenged?

Michael's story may seem far-fetched, indeed beyond comprehension and the laws of physics, but the growing number of strange contacts and stories on message forums should not be dismissed lightly. Wall to Wall Michael Pennington is more than a paranormal whodunnit - it will provoke some searching questions on future supernatural contact with the past.

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The story started on January 15th 2004 on a Birmingham Message Forum. A person calling themselves Michael Pennington told an interesting tale about his murderous death in 1971 and subsequent life as a spirit in an old derelict boatyard. In recent times the building became occupied and the ghost found a way to communicate with the living using a computer.

The story was interesting because it gave an account from the perspective of a ghost. Over a few short weeks the writer continued his story, answering questions and giving an explanation for his existence and an account of a global mission here on earth. This story has great premise. The author's name is given as Michael Pennington ( Deceased ) - nothing unusual about that, we might say, until the said Michael Pennington addresses the reader directly from beyond the grave. What follows is a fascinating tale of life after death from the ghost's perspective, which explores the notion of the spirit world and its link with the living.

Pennington is an easy character to identify and sympathise with, because he retains all his human emotions and foibles after his violent death ( fear, sense of loss, a tendency to self-analysis ), which makes him a far cry from the shadowy spectres of many ghost stories. His continuing humanity is expecially evident in the central, 'triangular' relationship between him, Janet and the dead Jack, in his use of computers, and in the way he 'talks' to the reader in a conversational, sometimes confiding way ( eg 'You might think it strange... but how would you have liked...').

The real point of the book seems to be to question the 'purpose' of ghostly apparitions; as Pennington himself asks, 'What are ghosts supposed to do?' His existence appears to be threefold; to help the living appreciate this life while they still have it; to bridge the gap between this world and the next; and, on a more everyday level, to track down his murderer from the other side. Thus the book is a combination of supernatural pondering and 'whodunnit' mystery.

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